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In 2017 Micha and Garrett founded Nodle to build and leverage bluetooth low energy connectivity using smartphones as Nodes to connect to IoT devices. The opportunity provided a nice segue into Crypto rewards something they always wanted to do.

Nodle is now part of the Polkadot/Substrate chain. Why? Simply put; Security, flexibility and interoperability

Imagine the potential

By 2019 there were 8 Billion IoT devices in circulation, estimates for 2030 are around 26 billion devices. Today there are over 6 billion smartphone subscriptions in the world. That's some Network!

Why would you?

  • Because you love the ecosystems and communities that have developed around Crypto and Blockchain.
  • You want the autonomy and flexibility to build and manage a Global team using all the tools you need.
  • And of course you want the world as a playground

More seriously you will have to be experienced an experienced Community Manager familiar with running a 24/7 global community. Able to grow it and be fully up to speed with platforms like Telegram, Discord, Twitter and Reddit as a minimum.

You could be a Director looking for excitement or a Manager looking for a next move and some progression as we grow. One thing is for sure you'll love the "decentralised" way we work at Nodle.


If you work here, it's cool, you can work pretty much mange your own time around the company and team stand ups. You can try new ideas and collaborate with colleagues all over the world, articulating the way they are solving very complex problems that have a real impact on the way we live and the future of how our Data, IoT and Crypto systems are built.

The main stakeholders for this role are based in the US so, yes we are remote and yes you need to be appreciative of meetings with West Coast US.

***If you have a portfolio pls include it in your application.

Do you share our values? Innovation, Resilience, Team Work, Drive, Polymathy and Integrity

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