Mortgage Underwriter

Hauppauge, New York, United States


The Mortgage Underwriter is responsible for due diligence credit decisions and credit management for mortgage loans.

Education & Experience:

  • Associates degree or a minimum of four years directly related experience required.
  • Minimum three years of mortgage loan experience with at least one year as a mortgage underwriter.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Underwrites mortgage loan applications and evaluates loans in order to maximize organizational profit and minimize risk or loss.
  • Assesses risks to determine approval status.
  • Responsible for conducting a detailed credit analysis based on information furnished by the borrower, publicly available information, the lender's evaluation of the borrower's credit needs, and the ability to pay across a range of products against credit standards set by Teachers
  • Reviews various documents which define the assets, credit, collateral, and income of a member
  • Determines if the member has met all of the established FNMA guidelines that regulate the mortgage lending process.
  • Issues and reviews conditions needed to approve a loan
  • Ensures that all information presented and contained in the mortgage loan file is complete and accurate, and performs necessary calculations of income, mortgage payments, and financial ratios, and related items.
  • Periodically reviews loan samples to ensure that all loan requirements have been satisfied by inspecting documents and recalculating various loan requirements and provisions.
  • Provides detailed explanations to members of the reasons why their loan was not approved by meeting with members or communicating through other means.

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